KW Section Operations

How to be a KW Section Executive membership:

  • Potential candidates are required to nominate themselves for the KW Section executive membership,
  • An existing KW Section executive member needsĀ  to endorseĀ  their applications.
  • The nomination committee will go through the received applications and select the most competent candidate/s.

Funding request process:

  • For funding application, a proposal needs to be submitted to the KW section,
  • Funding below $250 can be approved by the KW Section Chair,
  • Funding request above $250 and up to $500 is required the KW Section Section officers approval,
  • Funding request above $500 needs the KW Section Executive members approval.


  • All the internal interaction with section is through secretary including sending and receiving email, preparation for e-vote, and submitting eNotices
  • Announcing the KW Section Executive Meeting by emailing to the Executive members and preparing meeting agenda and meeting minutes


  • Issue the cheque after a fund is approved by the chair and all the required receipt and documents are provided
  • Booking rooms for meetings
  • Supporting Secretary


  • Schedule all meeting sponsored by the KW section
  • Carry out the duties of the chair when the chair is not available


  • Ensure all the requests met the requirements and by-laws
  • Supervise the affairs of the section
  • Attending all the general meeting of the section and board meetings